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Increasing Thrust

"It's been some time since I've used this blasted invention." Here the sound of flesh and bone against metal can be heard, rapping against it over and over again.
"Which means all of you keeping up with this little audio selection have been missing out; Not on a whole lot really, just your generic back and forth trades, nothing too dramatic. Very little has been heard from our friends the sky pirates, but then again we really haven't risked getting too close to the California border if we can help it.

Bob has been keeping busy taking care of the airship of course. With the small added income we have had over the last few weeks I have really had a lot of time to sit down and draw out some new ideas for inventions. That being said, as we glide here through the sky, I have figured out some new plans for increasing the thrust of the Avariels engines. Pretty simple stuff really, just a re-routing of power from one part of the steam-stacks to another, but I think that this plan will actually use less power while optimizing...."

Several explosions can be heard in the background of the recording at this point along with what sounds to be a long string of profanity in elvish.

"Get those thruster back online NOW Bob! NO I don't care what's in critical condition, NO I don't care if it's.........
..........wait did you just say it was those pirates again?! What the hell are they doing out here?"

More explosions, followed by the sound of gunfire drown out any other conversation at this point in the recording.
"SHIT, we're going down! BRACE FOR IMPACT!"


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