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The Airship Avariel

The adventures of Bindusara Sebastian Cidel, elven airship pilot extroadinare!

18 May 1981
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These are the musings of Bindusara Sebastian Cidel, Elven airship pilot extroadinare and steamjack madman. Inside you will find my day to day adventures as I travel the skies in the airship "Avariel" and watch the world from a birds eye view. Welcome to my little corner of the aetherweb.

Genre: Steampunk neo-victorian fantasy

For the most part the people and places within this space are just what pops out of my head as I write. There may be some references to real places, or people. This is just some of the real world spilling over into my writing. The "person" that this is written in can and will change from first to third depending on what mood hits me that day. Just sit back and enjoy the ride on the Avariel. Welcome to my new world.

That being said, this is a place for me to practice some creative writing in my favorite genre, steampunk. For my IRL journal please head over to bindusara.