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Later the next day...

Bindusara lay with his head against the metal shower wall. Water trickling over his body, he let the sand and dust of the outside world wash its self off. His slender pale form almost a light in the dimmed airship bathroom. The events of the day flashed through his head, every little detail. He left with Bob beeping his goodbyes in high pitched noises and waving to him at the exit of the airship. He wandered into that little town, somewhere on the border of Arizona and California, surrounded by sand and locals trying to make a way for themselves in this little plot of land that life had tossed to them.

As he walked out dust clouds swirled on the ground, and the sound of music from a local bar could be heard playing. "Probably", Bindusara thought, "some poor musician trying to make a little cash from drunken bar patrons." Heading towards the music he stopped into the little "Saloon" as they called it. Some attempt to make people think this was some old western town. Just as well, there were just as many criminals in these parts who would rather shoot you then pay their bar tab. He found his way into the "Saloon" and took a seat in the corner. A lot of people had seen his airship touch town and they would know why he stopped there. Within a small time local market people came to him, bartering their goods for the cheapest price and even offering to move them on to the airship for him. He would never let them of course, just let them set the items outside the ramp for Bob to take care of. Bob would try to talk to a lot of them, and most likely scare most of them off when they could not understand him.

Finally a man approached him, wearing darker colors for an area like this. "Some people never give up on cliches" Bindy observed. The man in dark clothes asked if he could transport some items to near Mississippi, or just inside it if "he was good enough". Bindusara couldn't help himself but roll his eyes at this comment, pistol tucked under his right hand at all times. He had left his blade back on the ship, most people still looked at you funny for carrying such an arcane weapon around. Bindy accepted and when the man tried to tell him what the cargo was he simply told the man to place the first part of the payment down on the table and to pay for his lunch tab. The man in black seemed a little too eager to agree.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. A few looks from locals, apparently wrapping their head around the idea of an Elven airship pilot and finally he went to shower and retire in the Avariel after helping Bob load the last of the cargo and listening to the little bots stories of the locals who came around the airship that day. Bindy laughed as always, and told Bob that no one would ever understand him because he was just too brilliant for them.

Bindusara opened his eyes and steam had filled the bathroom. Slowly he turned the water off, a slight pinkish tint to his skin now from the heat of the shower. Stepping out and wrapping a towel around himself he left the bathroom, still dripping, to the cargo hold where he checked to make sure everything was secure. Walking past the dining area he saw that Bob had left him a cigarette, ashtray and a cherry rum nightcap, even turned on some light music in the airship for him, an oddity because Bob hated the vibrations from music while he was in stasis. Music from his people that filled the airship and lifted Bindusara's heart a little. Bob did all of this because he knew the next few days would be nothing but stress to his partner, because all their adventures always seemed to end in some kind of excitement . Bindusara closed his eyes and listened, slowly taking drags off of his cigarette and savoring the flavor of the spiced rum. Tomorrow they would begin their transport. Another day, another adventure aboard the airship Avariel.


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