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Never Surrender

And an Adventure it was.

The Airship Avariel few low and at max speed crossing the searing desert, quickly dodging left to right as she was being fired upon from behind. Bindusara had seen these pirates before, these men trying to be lords of the air. They did not care to take cargo like most pirates; These men were in it for some sadistic pleasure in making others fear them and in doing so, showing their dominance over the west coast. They were one reason not much trade was done by airship anymore in this region.

The small armed airship had been painted black with some symbol in red on the side Bindusara had never been able to make out. "Damn, they must have been nearby when I landed, BOB I need you in the back NOW! Secure the cargo and make sure nothing moves!" The ship pressed hard to the right, narrowly avoiding another volley of incoming fire. The Avariel was made mostly as a cargo ship, and a mobile workshop for Bindusara not as a warship. He pulled up hard and arched the nose of his airship towards the sky and just as he parted the clouds and sunlight filled the cockpit, forcing him to pull down his goggles, the ship rocked and shook violently as obsidian black smoke began to pour from the back of his ship. Beeps and hums could be heard over the intercom as Bob reported back to the pilot, struggling to maintain control. "How much coal did we lose Bob!?" Bindusara shouted back as the ship lurched to the left and he pulled hard on his controls to get it centered and landed without crashing. The ground was coming at them fast and there was still incoming fire from the gunship. Bob sent his report back and the only reply heard back over the intercom was the single word, "damn!", that seemed to fill and echo through the entire ship.

He pulled back again on the controls and spun the craft to the side to brace for the impact of the smaller ship hitting the hull. Just at the moment it would have impacted the Avariel the gunship quickly dipped down, grazing the sand and pulling back up into the sky. The Avariel settled down in the sand roughly, shaking everything inside and Bindusara slammed a button on the console that popped open the back hatch of the ship. Leaping from his chair he sprinted down to the long corridor to the rear of the ship checking all the cargo with a quick glance as he stepped out into the open air and looked around to see if the black ship was still nearby. Pulling his gun for a moment he stopped to briefly scan around and assess all the damage. Bob rolled out, covered in coal dust, making little robotic coughing sounds and beeping happily. Bindusara looked at him for a moment and all at once the adrenaline left his body. "Yeah only you would get a kick out of something like this. Well guess that means you're on engine repair!" Bob beeped sadly like a child pouting because he had been told he could not go outside till his chores were done and rolled off to take a look at the engine. Bindusara walked back to the front of the ship and yelled back to Bob, "We can't get full repairs now, just get us a little bit up in the air so we can make it to the next town." Bob beeped back in acknowledgement.

Back in the kitchen Bindusara took a sip of rum and pulled the goggles off his eyes. Silence dominated as he just took in the events that had just transpired and then without warning he slammed his fist into the table, denting it. It was going to be a long night of repairs for the both of them, but at least the cargo was intact.

"Who are these guys?" He asked the empty room. The only response was the dead silence of the airship.


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