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Testing, testing...is this thing on?

Hmm, barring any technical difficulties this should be my first recorded log. My name is Bindusara Sebastian Cidel, airship pilot and steamjack enthusiast. I am recording this from aboard my ship, the "Avariel". She may seem like a junker to most people, but you'd be surprised what she can pull off, and contrary to popular belief elves CAN fly airships. I am living proof of that., at least in my own mind. Right now we are over the Atlantic, not quite sure of altitude as Bob, my steambot assistant has a bad habit of running into things and breaking them. Not his fault entirely, he has no way to see things the way you and I do. He uses a type of experimental sonar to feel his way around here. Not a bad cook for the most part either, with the exception of sushi. Can't really find many places to get good sushi when you're as high up as I am usually.

This is just a test of my recording system, should anything happen while we are flying, most of my records should remain intact.

I ship cargo by trade. What kind you may ask, well I am not paid enough to know. Often this means my hands get a little dirty and more than a few harsh words, harsher blows and gunshots are exchanged, but the money is good so what's an elven-flyboy to do. Me and the Avariel have been together a long time, seen a lot of the world and even more of the sky. More airships than there used to be a long time back, guess people are more comfortable with it now. Mostly they used to just stick to the good 'ol rails, means more pirates out here too. Not all of 'um are bad people either, more than a few are friends of mine. It's what you have to do to get by out here.

(the sounds of glass shattering and metal on metal is heard here)

DAMMIT BOB, I told you to watch out for the box of gears! (low beeping sounds are heard) No, it's ok, just make me another cup, I will clean this up...This is Bindusara "Bindy", of the Avariel, signing off.


Apr. 1st, 2008 09:55 pm (UTC)
testing txt format


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